Youth in Sarmi found dead covered in blood, police chase perpetrators

young man with the initials JB (18) became a victim of an alleged murder in Sarmi Kota Village, Sarmi District, Sarmi Regency , Papua. He was found covered in blood with a number of stab wounds in several parts of the body, Sunday (11/28/2021).

Sarmi Police Chief Ipda Arie Widjaya said officers who received information with the Sarmi Police Criminal Investigation Unit then went to the location and processed the crime scene (TKP). In addition to taking statements from several witnesses, including the victim’s family.

Furthermore, the Head of the Sector Police together with the KBO Satreskrim Polres Sarmi went to the funeral home and secured evidence in the form of clothes used by the victim and cellphones. They also asked for information from the victim’s father, Alfius Bairi.

The results of the examination revealed that the chronology began when the victim was about to take a bath in the small river alone, Sunday (11/28/2021) at 04.00 WIT. Then an hour later, witness Rudi Saweri who was about to go to the garden saw the victim running covered in blood asking for help.

The witness immediately approached him and asked, but the victim fell and was unconscious. He then shouted for help by calling the victim’s parents who were not far from the crime scene.

“The victim was brought by the family and the community to the Puskesmas. The plan was to be referred to Jayapura, but because of the many stabs in the neck, waist and back of the body, the victim was declared dead a few hours later,” said the Head of the Sector Police accompanied by the Head of the Bin Ops Criminal Investigation Unit, Sarmi Ipda Multazam, Monday (11/29/2021) .

The police chief hopes that the victim’s family will continue to trust the police to solve this case. He asked the family not to act outside the legal limits that could be detrimental.

“We have investigated and processed the crime scene and examined witnesses. I hope we are both patient and leave everything to the authorities to resolve this case,” he said.

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