The Passenger Ship Cantika Lestari 88 caught fire in the Sorong Waters Port

The passenger ship Cantika Lestari 88 caught fire as it was about to dock in the Bandar Pool in Sorong waters. This incident is still under police investigation.

According to information gathered, the ship will only dock between the People’s Harbor and Dofior Island, Sorong City , West Papua, Wednesday (12/15/2021) early in the morning.

The Sorong City Police Chief, assisted by residents, tried to put out the fire that grew and scorched almost the entire ship. This ship is known to have just served passengers in the Jayapura Papua region.

The Sorong City Police Chief , AKBP Ary Nyoto Setiawan, confirmed the ship’s fire . However, the fire has been extinguished and is still under investigation.

“We have received the report. We are still investigating the cause of the fire,” said AKBP Ary Nyoto in Sorong City, West Papua, Wednesday.

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