The chronology of the Moraid Police, Sorong, is raged by residents, starting with an ASN killed in an accident

State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in Sorong , West Papua died after being involved in an accident.

However, after the incident, a group of people went on a rampage and vandalized the Moraid Sorong Police Station and assaulted police officers.

The Head of Public Relations of the West Papua Police , Kombes Pol. Adam Erwin, said the incident began with a traffic accident.

A motorcycle driven by an ASN collided with a car.

“The incident started with a traffic accident between a Kawasaki KLX motorcycle driven by an ASN with the initials NY (48) and a Hilux car driven by T (40),” said Head of Public Relations of the West Papua Police, Kombes Pol Adam Erwin, on Wednesday. (2/6/2021).

Erwin explained, the accident that occurred on Monday (31/5/2021) at 08.30 WIT caused the NY victim to suffer injuries.

The victim was escorted by the Chief of Police, Moraid and the Head of Intel to the Sele Be Solu Regional General Hospital, Sorong City .

The victim was treated at the hospital. However, at around 08.00 WIT the day after, the victim was reported to have died.

After the death of the NY victim, a group of residents came to the Moraid Police Headquarters.

They went on a rampage and damaged the police station by throwing stones, causing the glass to shatter.

Not only that, the masses also abused the Head of the Moraid Police Intelligence Unit, Bripka Miswanto.

“Previously there were rumors that the perpetrator of the Hilux driver was hidden by the Intel Head of the Moraid Police, so people immediately looked for the Intel Head and carried out the persecution. However, the community around the Polsek was rescued,” said Erwin.

After the incident, the Sorong Police Chief accompanied by the Dirpolairud of the West Papua Police and Danyon B Brimob Sorong directly observed the case of the case (TKP).

Currently, the conditions at the Moradi Police are reported to be safe and conducive.

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