The bill for the expansion of Papua begins to be discussed in 2022

 Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian said that the division of Papua would soon be carried out. He said that the expansion will begin to discuss the draft law (RUU) in 2022.

He hopes that by 2023 there will be a new autonomous region (DOB) in Papua.

“(The year of expansion) 2022 has been regulated, the law has been discussed. Hopefully 2023,” he said after a meeting with Vice President (Vice President) Maruf Amin, Wednesday (15/12/2021).

Previously, the vice president, Maruf Amin, said that he would soon expand to accelerate development in Papua.

“It may also be accelerated regarding the development of regional expansion in Papua. In order to accelerate development,” he said.

Regarding the expansion in Papua, there are different rules from those applied to other regions. This is as regulated in Government Regulation (PP) No. 106/2021 concerning Authority and Institutional Implementation of Special Autonomy Policy for Papua Province.

In this case the expansion in Papua has a specificity, namely without going through a preparatory area and not having to meet basic or administrative requirements.

This provision is stated in article 93 of PP No.106/2021. Here are the full terms

(1) The Central Government and the House of Representatives may expand provincial and district/municipal regions in the Papua Province to become autonomous regions.

(2) Regional expansion as referred to in paragraph (1) is intended for:

a. accelerate equitable development

b. accelerate the improvement of public services

c. accelerate community welfare; and

d. raise the dignity of the OAP.

(3) The regional expansion as referred to in paragraph (1) shall take into account the political, administrative, legal aspects, socio-cultural unity, readiness of human resources, basic infrastructure, economic capacity, future developments, and/or the aspirations of the Papuan people.

(4) The expansion of provincial and regency/municipal regions as referred to in paragraph (1) is carried out without going through the preparatory regional stages and without having to fulfill the basic requirements and administrative requirements as regulated in the Law on regional administration.

As is known, based on the Regional Government Law, to become a new autonomous region (DOB) the expansion is required to go through a preparatory area. If during the preparation area it does not develop, it will be returned to the parent area. The preparatory area can only become a new autonomous region if it is judged to be well developed

In addition, it must also meet basic requirements consisting of basic regional requirements and basic regional capacity requirements. Then it must also meet administrative requirements which include several things.

Among other things, for the expansion of the province, there must be mutual approval from the provincial DPRD and the main governor as well as joint approval from the regency/municipal DPRD with the regent/mayor which will become the coverage area of ​​the province’s preparatory area.

Meanwhile, the division of districts/cities includes:

1. Village deliberation decisions that will cover the district/city area;

2. Joint approval of the parent regency/city DPRD with the regent/mayor of the parent region; and

3. Joint approval of the provincial DPRD with the governor of the province which includes the preparatory district/city to be formed.

This means that with the regulations in PP 106/2021, the expansion in Papua does not have to fulfill what is required in the Regional Government Law.

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