Songsong 7th anniversary, PSI Papua supports Youth Pledge activities

 In order to welcome the 7th Anniversary which is commemorated every November 16, the DPW of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) of Papua Province supports community activities to commemorate the 93rd Anniversary of the Youth Pledge at Bucen II Entrop, Ardipura Village, South Jayapura District, Jayapura City, Papuans.

The chairman of the Papua Province PSI DPW Karmin Lasuliha admitted that he strongly supports positive youth activities, especially since his party prioritizes millennials.

“So, the residents and youths in Bucen II Entrop want to hold various competitions and competitions that they have held since mid-September 2021. They ask for support from PSI Papua Province and Jayapura City, so we provide the intended support,” he said accompanied by the chairman of the PSI DPD. Jayapura City, Sinyo G. Timisela, Sunday (31/10).

This alumnus of SMP Negeri 5 Jayapura City admitted to providing support according to the needs of the residents and youth of Bucen II Entrop, one of which was preparing a door prize in the form of a Honda Scoopy motorbike.

“This activity is also to welcome PSI’s 7th Anniversary. It is commemorated every November 16th. Moreover, PSI has a more supportive platform for young people to move forward, and the youths in RW X want to organize activities to commemorate the Youth Pledge, we must support it,” he said accompanied by the chairman of the PSI DPD Jayapura City, Sinyo G. Timisela.

Head of RW X Bucen II Entrop Armaya Siregar said the activity was held to echo the spirit of the Youth Pledge among today’s millennials so that the pledge made by young people on October 28, 1928 continues to echo.

“So, the competitions and competitions that we have held since September 17, 2021 until today, Saturday, October 30, 2021, which were attended by residents from RT I to RT VI, are the peak night for the awarding of competition prizes and door prizes,” he said after the activity at Bucen II Entrop, Jayapura City, Saturday (30/10) night.

He explained that the competitions and competitions that were held included male and female volleyball competitions, male and female karaoke competitions, youth oath pronunciation competitions for elementary school students and reading poetry for struggle at elementary level.

“Residents are very enthusiastic about participating in competitions and competitions to commemorate the Anniversary of the Youth Pledge,” he said.

Armaya admitted that the activity was fully sponsored by the Indonesian Solidarity Party at the provincial level and Jayapura City, after a number of activity proposals submitted had not received a response from various stakeholders.

“The Papuan PSI Party and the Jayapura City level fully support this activity by providing a number of assistance and door prizes in the form of Honda Scoopy motorbikes to residents,” he said.

Armaya hopes that youth activities should be commemorated with various positive activities and can provide motivation for young people, so that they do not fall into negative activities.

In the main event on Saturday night, Karmin Lasuliha was given the opportunity to hand over a door prize in the form of a Honda Scoopy motorcycle to the residents of RT VI.

This peak event was colored by dances and entertainment, such as dance drama and Yosim Pancar from the residents of Bucen II Entrop.

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