Smart Air Copilot Treated at Mimika Hospital, Doctor: Needs Serious Handling

The team of doctors is still treating Egi Baskoro, the co-pilot of the Smart Air cargo plane that crashed at Aminggaru Ilaga Airport , Puncak Regency, Papua . The victim is under medical treatment at Mimika Hospital .

“The new doctor coordinated with me if this seems to need serious handling,” said Public Relations of Mimika Luky Mahakena Hospital, Monday (10/25/2021).

Luky did not explain the physical condition of the victim in detail. He only said the victim suffered a number of injuries as a result of the hard impact. “We are still observing first. If it is possible to be referred, then we will refer. But for the time being it can still be done here,” he said.

Meanwhile, the body of the pilot Captain R Kuntadi was dispatched to Jakarta using a Batik Air flight at 15.00 WIT.

It was previously reported that the Smart Air cargo plane with the PK-SNN registration number had an accident when it was about to land at Aminggaru Ilaga Airport at around 07.00 WIT.

It is suspected that the accident occurred because of the fog that enveloped the airport area.

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