Pomdam XVII Cenderawasih was asked to convey the results of the investigation into the alleged disappearance of the Intan Jaya resident

Member of the Papuan DPR through the mechanism for appointing representatives of the Meepago customary territory , John NR Gobai asked the Military Police of the Cenderawasih Military Command (Pomdam) XVII to immediately convey to the public the results of an investigation into the alleged disappearance of a resident in Intan Jaya Regency some time ago.

Gobai said that some time ago the Cenderawasih Pomdam sent a team to Intan Jaya to investigate.  This is because a resident named Sem Kobogau (51 years old) is suspected to have been missing since October 5, 2021. Kobogau’s whereabouts are not yet known after he was taken away by an alleged member of the TNI.

“Kodam has sent Pomdam to Intan Jaya. For that, we ask for transparency from the Pomdam regarding the results of their investigation there. The Pomdam must be open to convey it,” said John Gobai to Jubi, Thursday (21/10/2021). According to the chairman of the Special Group of the DPR Papua, until now the family and residents of Intan Jaya continue to question the whereabouts of Sem Kobogau .

Residents are worried that something untoward will happen to the officials of Kampung Bunagopa, Ugimba District. “The people of Intan Jaya are still traumatized by the violence that has occurred so far. The Intan Jaya community has experienced the disappearance of two young men last year, whose whereabouts are not clear until now,” he said.

He said his family and residents were worried that Sem Kobogau would suffer the same fate as Luther Zanambani and Apinus Zanambani. These two young men have been missing since April 2020 and their whereabouts are unknown until now.

“That’s what makes people question the whereabouts of Sem Kobogau. They have tried to take action to question the whereabouts of Sem Kobogau to the Intan Jaya Police, but to no avail,” he said. Previously, Kodam XVII Cenderawasih stated that they were investigating the alleged disappearance of a resident of Intan Jaya.

The Head of Information for the Cenderawasih Military Command XVII, Kapendam Colonel Reza Nur Patria recently said that further investigations and deepening are currently underway regarding the missing community information in Intan Jaya. “Pangdam XVII/Cenderawasih has ordered an investigation team to go to Sugapa District, led by Asintel Kasdam XVII/Cenderawasih in order to carry out an investigation and seek information about this matter,” Reza said recently.

He added that if the involvement of TNI personnel is proven, the personnel will be processed according to the applicable laws and regulations.

source : https://jubi.co.id/pomdam-xvii-cenderawasih-diminta-sampaikan-hasil-investigasi-dugaan-hilangnya-warga-intan-jaya/