Pertalite Fuel Price in Sorong City Reaches IDR 50,000 per Liter

The retail price of Pertalite type fuel oil in the city ​​of Sorong , West Papua Province as of Saturday (6/11/2021) has already exceeded Rp. 50,000 per liter.

The increase in fuel prices by retailers on the streets of the city of Sorong is due to the scarcity of gas stations. The price of pertalite at retailers was originally Rp. 30,000 and continued to move up to Rp. 50,000/liter on Saturday afternoon.

Hamid Amaro, a fuel retailer on Jalan Malanu, Sorong city, said that this was an opportunity to make more profit because there were queues at all gas stations in Sorong City and many people who did not want to queue at gas stations chose to buy retail.

He claimed to have received pertalite from the gas station since this morning. He also joined the queue before noon with other people. So the opportunity to sell by increasing the price for more profit.

Unit Manager Communication, Relations and CSR for Papua Maluku Regional PT Pertamina Sub Holding Commercial Trading, Edi Mangun, when confirmed, said that the fuel stock at the gas station in Sorong city had returned to normal serving the community.

He explained that the shortage of fuel in Sorong on Friday (11/5/2021) was due to the rotation of Pertamina’s fuel tankers for the areas of Papua, West Papua, Maluku due to bad weather.

According to him, the movement of ships from one point to another is constrained by weather, causing delays in distribution. Therefore, the team at the refueling terminal takes stock control.

Saturday (6/11/2021) afternoon officers at the Jayapura, Wayame and Sorong fuel filling terminals as well as other depots have coordinated so that the situation of scarcity that occurs can return to normal.

“We apologize for the scarcity of fuel in the Sorong area,” he said Edi added that it is the authority of the Police and other law enforcers to take action and legal process for these perpetrators in accordance with the Oil and Gas Law.

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