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Papuan Police Name 8 Suspects in Case of Raising the Morning Star Flag in Cenderawasih Gor
A series of figures urge the Papuan people not to be provoked by the December 1 issue
10 Facts about Brimob Vs Kopassus Clashes in Papua Over Cigarettes
Traces of KKB Commander Demius Magayang, Once Killed Civilians and Officials
Youth in Sarmi found dead covered in blood, police chase perpetrators
Former KKB Returning to the Homeland of the Republic of Indonesia Given Pig Livestock Assistance
Gun Contact with KKB Again Occurs in Suru-suru District, One TNI Soldier Suffers Gunshot Wound
Chronology of the Arrest of KKB Leader Tesianus Magayang
KKB Frontman Temianus Magayang Shot During Arrest, Brings Gun and Try to Fight
Jayawijaya Government Prepares Worship Restriction Scheme at Christmas
This is General Andika’s Steps to Face the KKB Attacking Koramil in Papua that Killed 1 Soldier
KKB Papua Admits Shooting One TNI Soldier to Death in Yahukimo
The Suru-suru Koramil was attacked by an Armed Group led by Tendius Gwijangge
Injured TNI Soldier Attacked by KKB in Yahukimo Turns out that Danramil has the rank of Captain
TNI Soldiers Victims of the KKB Shooting Evacuated to Sentani Jayapura
The Evacuation of the Bodies of TNI Soldiers Falling by KKB Shots Colored by Haru’s Atmosphere
The government is asked to return the rights of indigenous peoples in Sorsel
After leaving NTB, Jokowi will leave for Papua to close the National Tourism Board
Today President Joko Widodo Closes Peparnas XVI Papua at Mandala Stadium
Public Transportation in Jayawijaya Hits Tree, 1 Passenger Dies
TNI General Andika Encourages Soldiers Shot by KKB in the Peak of Papua
Pertalite Fuel Price in Sorong City Reaches IDR 50,000 per Liter
Vice President Ready to Open Peparnas XVI Papua, hashtag #Paralympics2021 resonates
Absent at the Opening of Papua National Park, President Jokowi Apologizes
Songsong 7th anniversary, PSI Papua supports Youth Pledge activities
Plane Accident, Aminggaru Ilaga Papua Airport Temporarily Closed
Smart Air Copilot Treated at Mimika Hospital, Doctor: Needs Serious Handling
Smart Air Plane Accident at Papua Ilaga Airport, This is What the Airline Says
Pomdam XVII Cenderawasih was asked to convey the results of the investigation into the alleged disappearance of the Intan Jaya resident
This is the look of the head of the Kimyal tribe, the brain of the riots in Yahukimo Papua