Ojek driver killed by OTK in Puncak Papua, there was gunshot wound to the head and waist

The identity of the motorcycle taxi driver who was found dead in Eromaga Village, Omukia District, Puncak Regency , Papua , has been known. The victim who was allegedly killed by an unknown person (OTK) was named Udin and was 41 years old.

This Bugis man has his address at the Ilaga Market Complex, to be precise at Haji Umar’s house. From the results of the interim examination, the police found a gunshot wound to the right side of the victim’s head. The gunshot wound penetrated the right cheek. In addition, gunshot wounds were also found on the right chest to penetrating the left side of the waist.

Information from the Ilaga Police, after the discovery of the body of the motorcycle taxi driver, Wednesday (14/4/2021), at 13.59 WIT, joint TNI-Polri personnel actively carried out the shooting response carried out by OTK in Eromaga Village, Puncak Regency.

There are 31 joint personnel from the Police and 20 TNI personnel. The joint preparatory team at Ilaga Polsek Puncak Regency and then the team shifted to the TKP at 13.59 WIT. 

The joint team arrived at the TKP to be precise at Co 53M 791276 9559008 at 14:19 WIT and then the team conducted a parimeter while the medical team evacuated the victim into an ambulance. 

At 14:35 WIT, the team returned to the Ilaga Puskesmas for post mortem et repertum and victim identification. Currently, the body is still being rested at the Ilaga Health Center. During the active implementation the situation was safe and conducive. 

source : https://papua.inews.id/berita/tukang-ojek-tewas-dibunuh-otk-di-puncak-papua-ada-luka-tembak-di-kepala-dan-pinggang/2