Kodam Kasuari Ready to Help Local Government and Community to Build Papua Land

 Kodam Kasuari is ready to help the local government (Pemda) and the community to develop the land of Papua . The reason is, caring for the land of Papua is the same as caring for Indonesia.

In addition, the approach is not enough to only dialogue, communicate, coordinate but also collaborate by executing the current government plans for the advancement of the land of West Papua.

This was conveyed by Pangdam XVIII/Kasuari, Major General TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa when he was one of the speakers at the Para-Para Indigenous People event in Manokwari, West Papua, Wednesday (15/12/2021).

This activity is a gathering and gathering of all elements in West Papua with the aim of advancing the region.

The Pangdam explained that when he was assigned to Papua he was determined to work with the maximum and totality, besides that he had also been appointed as a customary child.

“The problem here is how we have to interact with fellow humans, so I try to explore Papuans,” said I Nyoman Cantiasa.

He continued, other steps at this time must be a lot of stay in touch like the Para-para activities. 

“As social beings, we must always communicate and socialize, even though there may be conflicts during our association, that is part of the dynamics,” he said.

He continued, the TNI worked and served in Papua based on the law.

“Where this law is there is a military war operation in order to maintain security, sovereignty, threats from the invaders,” he said.

In addition, he continued, there are also military operations other than war, the contents of which are ideological, political, economic, social, cultural and defense threats, all of which exist in society.

“This is what underlies the TNI being in Papua,” he said.

TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa also said that the status in the Papua region is the same as in other regions in Indonesia, so the operations in Papua are territorial development operations.

“That’s what underlies me as the Commander of the Regional Military Command to convey to all ranks that the current operation is a territorial development operation,” he said.

Currently, he and Forkopimda are trying to be united, because in the West Papua region there is a tradition called one three stone stove, which fits the theme of the activity, which contains ethnic groups, religions and the government.

“How do we empower indigenous Papuans, it is true that the Government must side with the community so that everything here, whether it’s the rules, the ending regulation must be how the people prosper,” he said.

Source : https://papua.inews.id/berita/kodam-kasuari-siap-bantu-pemda-dan-masyarakat-untuk-bangun-tanah-papua