KKB Shoots Dead Two Teachers in Beoga, Is It True a Spy?

The family of the teacher who was shot dead by the Armed Criminal Group has denied that the victim was a spy. The family considers the shooting to death of two teachers in Beoga, Puncak Regency, Papua , as a crime against humanity. Two teachers who were shot dead by the Armed Criminal Group ( KKB ) were Oktavianus Rayo and Yonatan Renden.

“The KKB accusation against the shooting victim as spying for the security apparatus is only a KKB mode to cover up his heinous crimes against the victim. It is only the KKB mode. Here they often threaten the settlers’ stalls to hand over Rp20 million rupiah per kiosk,” said Rayo’s family, who with the initials RS, in Papua, Saturday (11/4/2021).

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations of the Nemangkawi Task Force, Senior Commissioner of Police M Iqbal Alqudussy, said that Rayo and Renden were only carrying out their duties as teachers. Both with noble intentions want to educate the children of the interior in Puncak regency, Papua.

“There is no evidence that the two teachers were spies for the authorities. Anyone with a conscience would not justify the heinous shooting. As a human being, I am very sad and concerned about the family of the deceased,” said Alqudussy. 

He said a similar incident had occurred on May 22, 2020. Medical personnel who were dealing with Covid-19 were shot because they were labeled as intel by armed groups. “The actions of the KKB are also included in the category of human rights violations,” said Iqbal.

Iqbal added that the armed groups’ logistical stock was increasingly dependent on the proceeds from extortion of residents. Until now they also no longer receive special autonomy funds. This has happened since there was a strict ban from the Ministry of Home Affairs to local governments so as not to misuse the Papua Special Autonomy Fund.

“They are also good at using the media. After the execution of the victim. Then update it to social media as a matter of pride by bringing information as if their actions were right to seek public support. Actually, these methods have been read by media colleagues, but there are also media that are still consumed with the transfer of KKB information, “said Iqbal.

source : https://papua.bisnis.com/read/20210411/414/1379351/kkb-tembak-mati-dua-guru-di-beoga-betulkah-mata-mata