KKB Frontman Temianus Magayang Shot During Arrest, Brings Gun and Try to Fight

Armed criminal group (KKB) leader Temianus Magayang was shot during arrest. He was arrested by a joint team of the Nemangkawi Task Force and the Yahukimo Police , Saturday (11/27/2021).   Director of the Papua Regional Police Crimes Committee Kombes Pol Faizal Rahmadani said Temianus Magayang was carrying a homemade firearm equipped with ammunition when he was arrested.

In addition, when he was arrested he resisted so that the police were forced to incapacitate him by shooting in non-lethal parts of the body.

“Currently Temianus Magayang is being treated at the Dekai Hospital,” he said, Saturday (11/27/2021).  According to him, Magayang was arrested when he was with four of his friends. He carried a homemade firearm along with eight bullets.

The data collected shows that Magayang was involved in a number of bloody actions in Yahukimo Regency, Papua. There were at least 12 acts of violence beginning with the killing of Yahukimo KPUD staff, Hendrik Jovinski on August 11, 2020. Then the killing of two personnel of the Airborne Infantry Battalion 432 Kostrad and seizing organic firearms brought by the victim.

Then the case of the murder of an employee of PT Indo Papua on August 22 and a shootout with the joint forces of the Nemangkawi Task Force and the Yahukimo Police.

source : https://papua.inews.id/berita/pentolan-kkb-temianus-magayang-ditembak-saat-penangkapan-bawa-senpi-dan-coba-melawan