Jayawijaya Government Prepares Worship Restriction Scheme at Christmas

The Jayawijaya government has prepared a restriction scheme during Christmas worship in December 2021. This is to suppress the transmission of Covid-19 . Jayawijaya Regent , John Richard Banua said, one of the restrictions that might be applied is the regulation of the number of people who worship.

“Worship activities are still applied at 50 percent, not up to 75 percent because we prioritize people who need worship and Christmas activities,” said John in Jayawijaya Regency , Papua, Wednesday (11/25/2021).

He said the Jayawijaya Government had not yet decided when PPKM Level 3 would be carried out, as instructed by the central government. But still have to look at the conditions in the area.

“Later we will see developments before Christmas because of that (PPKM level 3) if I’m not mistaken it applies on the 20s, but we will see our situation in Papua,” he said.

Until now, the Jayawijaya Government is still tightening the supervision of prospective airplane passengers who want to enter and leave Jayawijaya Regency with the Covid-19 test, so as not to carry the virus and then share it with others.

Based on data from the Covid-19 Handling Task Force team, seven confirmed positive patients undergoing treatment as of Tuesday (11/23/2021). This figure is the same as the data released on Sunday (11/21/2021).

source : https://papua.inews.id/berita/pemerintah-jayawijaya-siapkan-skema-pembatasan-ibadah-saat-natal