Help Evacuate Residents to Church, KKB Shot TNI-Polri in the Bintang Mountains

An armed criminal group (KKB) opened fire on joint TNI-Polri officers while evacuating dozens of residents to the local Catholic Church. There are at least 40 residents of Wambakom Village, Serambakom District, Bintang Mountains Regency , Papua who fled after the burning of a school building in the area.

“The residents who fled were mostly women, children and the elderly. Residents fled to the church after the KKB burned the state junior high school in their village,” said the Head of the Bintang Mountains Police AKBP Cahyo Sukarnito, Tuesday (14/12/2021).

The Head of Police revealed that while helping the evacuation of residents from their homes to the church, the joint TNI-Polri personnel were shot at by the KKB. During the incident, gunfire lasted for more than an hour. “The shootout occurred from 09.50 WIT to 11.15 WIT. There were no casualties from members or residents,” he said.

According to him, strengthening cannot be carried out because of the geographical location to Serambakom where there are hills on the left and right so that it can become a shooting target.

Information was obtained that the perpetrator of the burning of the SMP in the Bintang Mountains was the KKB led by Lamek Alepki Taplo. Kapendam Cenderawasih Colonel Inf. Aqsha Erlangga said there had been a shootout between the Indonesian National Police and the KKB for the school fire. However, there were no casualties on either side.

“It is suspected that the KKB Ngalum Kupel led by Lamek Alepki Taplo set the school on fire,” he said. According to him, the situation in Serambakon District and around the arson scene is starting to become conducive. Joint troops from the Indonesian National Police are on standby in the area.

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