Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of South Manokwari Police Shot by OTK when Disbanding Mass Amok Actions

The Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the South Manokwari Police, Iptu Otto Woff, became a victim of the shooting of an unknown person (OTK) while dissolving a mass riot in Ransiki District, Thursday (16/12/2021). This police officer was shot in the ear suspected of being hit by an air rifle bullet.

Information obtained by iNews , Iptu Otto Woff is currently in a stable condition. He has been evacuated to the Manokwari Naval Hospital (RSAL) for intensive care. 

South Manokwari Police Chief AKBP Slamet Haryono Termawud, who was confirmed to be related to the incident, said the latest situation was now conducive.

“The current situation is conducive. Indeed, there were protests from a number of residents over the death of a village head,” said Slamet via cell phone, Thursday (12/16/2021).

According to him, there has been a meeting between the family and the local government facilitated by the South Manokwari Police.

“In this meeting, the family asked for attention from the local government, in this case the South Manokwari Regent as the local tribal chief. The community’s request was well responded to by the South Manokwari Regent,” he said.

This incident caused several government facilities and official vehicles belonging to the South Manokwari Police to be damaged by the masses. 

“What was damaged by the mob were the Ransiki Police, the Regent’s Office, then the South Manokwari Police official vehicle. We are still assessing the damage caused by this mass riot,” he said.

Regarding law enforcement against the perpetrators of vandalism and provocateurs, the police are still conducting investigations. 

“We have pocketed the names of the movers and provocateurs of this mass rampage. The point is that the main thing is the first and foremost security and security situation and the situation so far is conducive,” said the Police Chief.

It is known that the mass rage of a group of residents of Ransiki District, the capital of South Manokwari Regency, was triggered by hoax information circulating among the public. The crowd went berserk and damaged a number of facilities at the Regent’s Office, Ransiki Health Center and several official vehicles of the South Manokwari Police, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled.

Source : https://papua.inews.id/berita/kasat-reskrim-polres-manokwari-selatan-ditembak-otk-saat-bubarkan-aksi-amuk-massa