Former KKB Returning to the Homeland of the Republic of Indonesia Given Pig Livestock Assistance

A real action of concern was shown by the Yapen Police through the Binmas Noken Program. Its members donated two head of cattle pigs to former armed criminal groups (CLA) Orarei Noak Angkaisera region.

Noak a few months ago had surrendered and returned to the fold of the Republic of Indonesia . The provision of this assistance was directly led by the Head of Binmas Police of Yapen Iptu I Wayan Sukandia with his members in the Binmas Noken activity of the Police for the Welfare Program for State Children (Kasuari) in the Animal Husbandry Sector, Monday (29/11/2021).

In his opportunity, Kasat said that this activity is also in accordance with the flagship program of the Yapen Police, which was initiated by the Yapen Police Chief, AKBP Ferdyan Indra Fahmi. The aim is to maintain, assist and foster ex-KKB residents to support their economy through business.

“Aid will be given periodically to residents of former KKB in Yapen Islands who have surrendered,” he said, Monday (11/29/2021).

Noak Orarei who lives in Kontiunai Village expressed his gratitude for the assistance of two pigs from the Yapen Islands Police.

“We will take good care of this aid and use it to develop it. Thank you also to the Yapen Police Chief who really cares for our family,” he said.

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