Drunk with alcohol, man in Jayapura kills neighbor because he is offended

A man in Jayapura killed his neighbor because he was offended by the victim’s words. At that time the perpetrator was under the influence of alcohol (alcohol).

Jayapura Deputy Police Chief Commissioner Deddy A Puhiri said the murder took place last Sunday (12/12/2021) at the Avdelin II housing estate PT Rimba Matoa Lestari Buasum, Unurum Guay District, Jayapura Regency .

The perpetrator with the initials A (33) stabbed his victim AN (27) only because he was offended by the victim’s screams. The chronology begins when A, who is drunk, wants to go home.

“Then on the way, he was visited by AN while saying ‘don’t turn off the lights’, so the two had an argument ,” said Commissioner of Police Deddy in Jayapura Regency, Papua, Wednesday (15/12/2021).

The perpetrator then went home and took badik. He then approached the victim and stabbed him right then and there. The motive is suspected to be due to offense due to the influence of alcohol.

“The perpetrator did not accept the victim’s harsh words, so he was desperate to stab him,” he said.

A had wanted to run away, but was prevented and secured by residents. The murder case was immediately reported to the Unurum Guay Police Post. Now he is languishing in the detention cell of the Jayapura Police.

“The perpetrator was charged with Article 338 of the Criminal Code with a penalty of 15 years in prison,” he said.

Source : https://papua.inews.id/berita/mabuk-miras-pria-di-jayapura-bunuh-tetangga-karena-tersinggung