Chronology of Youth Arrests Allegedly KKB Members in Yapen Papua, Had Gunfire

 A joint Indonesian National Police force arrested a youth suspected of being involved in an armed criminal group (KKB) in Yapen Papua . There was a gun battle at the top of Mount Impura.

Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police , Kombes Pol AM Kamal said the chronology began when joint officers were on patrol. Then the team was shot at by KKB, resulting in gunfire.

“The gun contact took place at Mount Impura, Ambaidiru Village, Kosiwo District,” said Kombes Pol Kamal in Jayapura City, Papua, Tuesday (14/12/2021).

The results of the investigation by joint personnel of the Indonesian National Police and the Indonesian National Police revealed that there was a militancy movement of KKB in Kampung Tua, Yapen Islands Regency. Then the team conducted a patrol at the top of the mountain.

Arriving at the scene, the team found one perpetrator, Adi Rawai (27). He is suspected of hiding in a cottage house suspected of being the KKB command headquarters.

“From the search, several pieces of evidence were confiscated,” he said.

A number of evidences were also secured in this arrest, namely one saw, one badik, one bayonet, three machetes, one homemade weapon, one red beret, one striped PDL pants, one striped PDL shirt, one long-sleeved shirt.

Then, a tactical shirt with a Morning Star flag, a pair of black jeans, a red clutch, a small Morning Star flag, a headband with a Morning Star flag, and a green cord.

Next, one pin with a bird picture, one booklet ‘Orasisuei’, one notebook, one referendum book, one family contribution card, one written book, and one small ruler.

Kamal said that the perpetrators are currently under intensive investigation by the Yapen Islands Police Criminal Investigation Unit investigators. There were three other people who were still in pursuit of the joint team.

“The joint personnel of the TNI and Polri are still pursuing other perpetrators known to have the initials HM, PM and YR,” said Kombes Pol Kamal.

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