2 Cannabis Dealer in Jayapura Arrested, Suspected of Receiving Goods from Papua New Guinea

Two marijuana dealers were arrested by police around Abepura District, Jayapura City , Papua. These illegal items are thought to have originated from the Papua New Guinea region.

Head of the Jayapura City Police Resnarkoba , Ipti Alamsyah Ali said the two perpetrators each had the initials FNHY and SK. Both of them have evidence of dozens of packages of marijuana ready for distribution.

“The first arrest of FHNY was on Friday (16/4/2021) in Kotaraja. Then the SK on Monday (19/4/2021) around the Acai River,” said Iptu Alamsyah Ali in Jayapura City, Papua, Tuesday (20/4 / 2021).

From FNHY’s hands, 17 packets of marijuana of various sizes were secured. Meanwhile, SK brought 15 packages, all of which were ready for distribution. Now both are secured at the Jayapura City Police Headquarters.

“They have been named suspects and are now being held at the Jayapura City Police Headquarters for further investigation,” he said.

The dozens of packages of marijuana brought by the two perpetrators, he said, were thought to have come from Papua New Guinea. Because one of the suspects, SK, was arrested in connection with a similar case in 2020. “Members are still carrying out investigations related to this type of marijuana drug network,” he said.

source : https://papua.inews.id/berita/2-pengedar-ganja-di-jayapura-ditangkap-diduga-dapat-barang-dari-papua-nugini